Sometime Simple is Better

It was pointed out to me recently that my blogging is somewhat sporadic. I knew this already – I have so many irons in the fire that committing to a set schedule for the blog is crazy. So instead of trying to maintain two sites and being inconsistent on both, I’m migrating the content of Wood Slivers over to The Minimalist Woodworker under a new tab called ‘Apprentices Blog‘.

Anything that has to do with my apprentices (read machines) will happen there and you can check out the minimalist stuff too if you so desire. After a week or so I will be dissolving this site and moving ahead the Minimalist Woodworker site exclusively.

I wish I would have came up with this solution to start with but I’m not that smart.

Thanks and see you over at The Minimalist Woodworker.


Old English Heavy Metal

One of the cool things about getting a larger space is I can start to fill it. While I still have no need for a table saw, having a power jointer again would be nice. Now some of you may remember hearing me say that most jointers that are on the market today are too small. I mean … how are you supposed to flatten a 12″ wide board with a 6″ jointer? My solution? Buy a 12″ jointer!


I don’t have the year this old fella was made but I’m sure I will once Jack Forsberg is through with me. He assures me that this is going to be an involved restoration but I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty.


I will be doing a full restoration including all things that whir and cut, down to the paint and aesthetics. If any one sees (or has) any cool vintage start/stop buttons, let me know.

And then there is this tall fella.


This is a Buffalo 18 ┬ádrill press – a serious drilling machine and I’m looking forward to getting it cleaned up and running. The press promises to be less work than the jointer but as Jack has warned me, you never know what you’ll find one you start taking things apart. This Buffalo is a Canadian made machine from Kitchener, Ontario.

These tools were designed for pattern makers and machinists respectively, a discerning group if there ever was one. There is a bit of work in this heavy metal game but it will be worth every minute when I eventually work with tools that were bred for accuracy.

In order to understand, you must do. – V


Welcome to Wood Slivers

Two of my apprentices

Not everything I do is centered around hand tools. There … I said it. Many people know me for my book The Minimalist Woodworker that I wrote a while back. Some of those people are shocked to find out that I use machines as part of my daily woodworking. I wrote the book because I was tired of hearing people tell me that they couldn’t woodwork because they didn’t have enough space or money. Other notable excuses for not taking woodworking was not wanting to make excessive dust and noise. I wrote the book because I knew that woodworking can be done with very little and if you didn’t have the space, money or other limitations you could still make things from wood. Continue reading “Welcome to Wood Slivers”

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